Friday, April 20, 2007

4/20 pregame

Nice to be back at a game again. Nice to have great weather too.

Miguel Negron RF
Jose Coronado SS
Fernando Martinez CF
Mike Carp 1B
Brett Harper DH
Mike Nickeas C
Caleb Stewart LF
Mark Kiger 2B
Corey Ragsdale 3B

Jose Sanchez P

Brett Gardner CF
Ramiro Pena SS
Justin Christian LF
Cody Ehlers 1B
P.J. Pilittere C
Shawn Garrett DH
Aarom Baldiris 3B
Matt Carson RF
Gabe Lopez 2B

Alan Horne P


jose m. said...

It's hard to tell just by listening to the radio, so I was wondering if you could tell me how Alan Horne's balls look tonight.

jonathan said...
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afraidofthunder said...

Hey, as a long time Thunder fan, I have a question that no one else can seem to answer. I hope you, as a knowledgeable member of the media, can help me.
Who on the Thunder has the biggest stick?

Captain Over said...

Do you like it when Chase the wonderdog grabs a hold of your leg and rubs up and down?