Thursday, April 5, 2007

Post-game notes from the season-opener

*A fairly new and seldom previously enforced rule hurt the Thunder in the bottom of the 9th. Ramiro Pena fell behind 0-2 while trying to get down a sacrifice bunt, then stepped out of the box without calling timeout. The home plate umpire called another strike, and he had "struck out."

As an aside, you saw the big difference between Tony Franklin and Bill Masse right there. Tony calmly went down for an explanation from the umpire, got it, and returned to the third base coach's box. Billy might still be having a temper tantrum out there.

*The cold weather no doubt played a part, but the lineup certainly did nothing to refute the impression that they seriously lack pop. You don't need to hit a ton of home runs to win, but you better be great at executing the little things, because you'll need to string a lot of those together then. The Thunder didn't until the ninth inning, and then came up one play short.

*Chase Wright was phenomenal. He still needs to work on the curve, but his other stuff, along with his location, was great. About as good as a Double-A debut can get.

That's all for now. I have to get going. Talk to ya in the morning.


Kalel9 said...

It's tough to get a feel for breaking stuff in cold weather. Good blog!

afraidofthunder said...

that's an interesting stat about the striking out by not calling time. But I have another question for you: What's the record for the most blog posts in a nine inning game by a beat writer?

Josh said...

I was doing a running blog because it was opening night. I don't plan on doing it every night, but I figured I should do it on opening night.