Friday, April 6, 2007

Pre-game 4-6

Here are the lineups:

Paco Figueroa 2B
Jeff Fiorentino LF
Val Majewski CF
Brandon Sing 1B
Oscar Salazar 3B
Nolan Reimold RF
Matt Cepicky DH
Ryan Hubele C
Luis Hernandez SS

Chris Waters P

Brett Gardner CF
Ramiro Pena SS
Justin Christian LF
Cody Ehlers 1B
P.J. Pilittere C
Shawn Garrett DH
Carlos Mendoza 2B
Matt Carson RF
Aarom Baldiris 3B

Jeff Marquez P

Pre-game notes
*Same lineups as last night, despite the offensive ineptitude from both sides. Another cold night expected, which favors another pitcher's duel. ... The defense will need to be far better than last night. Marquez's fastball has a lot of sink, which means a lot of ground balls.


Blueballs said...

How did the stadium get the name Waterfront Park? What does it mean?

Mr. Gyro said...

Thank you for letting us know it's cold outside.

I can't stand you said...
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afraidofthunder said...

Is the press box big enough to hold your ego in it?

Hoey's Heroes said...

I kinda liked the laundry reference when you blogged from Florida. Have you done your laundry since then? If so, what is your favorite detergent? And do you use fabric softener?

afraidofthunder said...

Is it true that the thunder were initially called the lightning?

afraidofthunder said...

Why is it called thunder anyway?

afraidofthunder said...
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afraidofthunder said...

Last thing for a while, b/c I, unlike the person posting, do have a life. Why is your head so big?

Kalel9 said...

Marquez and Whelan had great debuts.