Sunday, April 15, 2007

Chase Wright to New York

The YES Network's Kim Jones just reported that Chase Wright will be tabbed to take Pavano's place Tuesday against the Indians.

I've also heard that GM Brian Cashman said that they are waiting to notify the pitcher they selected (presumably Wright) before officially announcing the move.

UPDATE: The Yankees just officially announced this. No word yet on who if anyone will be coming here to take his spot on Tuesday (though the weather may make that a moot point).


ewingdevil said...

I hope Chase Wright starts for the New York Yankees! I got his autograph so that would be so great if he could then be a New York Yankee. Do you get to meet all of the players? What do you do when you have to go to the bathroom for a No. 2 and the game is being played? I couldnt' hold it for that long.

Josh said...

Yes, I do get to meet and talk to the players. In fact, it is a requirement of my job.

As for the second part of the question, there is a restroom in the back of the press box.

Michael said...

Hey Josh:

How do you think Chase will do in his Big League debut? I follow the Thunder, but I can't see any of the games (I live in Puerto Rico) so I don't know what his stuff is like or how many plus pitches he gets. All I know are the results which are phenomenal.

Josh said...


I'm a little skeptical, simply because he has had only two starts above A-ball (albeit two outstanding ones) and his breaking ball is still a work in progress. And I also remember how Sean Henn imploded two years ago when he went from Double-A to New York. And Henn had played a full season at this level first.

But we'll see. If nothing else, this is better than Joe taking another Darrel May/Tim Redding-type castoff.