Monday, April 23, 2007

Showtime for Phil Franchise

Joe Torre just dropped the bombshell to Yankees beat reporters - Phil Hughes will make his major league debut on Thursday against the Blue Jays.

I'm very surprised at this move. The Yankees have been saying since last season that they were going to bring Hughes along slowly, let him get time at Triple-A to work on his changeup and otherwise get ready for a long and hopefully successful big league career, regardless of the state of the major league rotation. When they brought him up, it was going to be for good.

Why do I get the feeling that it's not a coincidence that this move was made while the Yankees were in Tampa to play the Devil Rays, and coming off a sweep at the hands of the Red Sox? This move reeks of George Steinbrenner's fingerprints.

Anywho, it should be an interesting night on Thursday at the Stadium.


Rich said...

I don't think George is that involved in day to day decisions any more.

Josh said...


You're probably right. As one of the Yankee beat writers told me tonight, George wouldn't know Phil Hughes if he ran over him with his golf cart.

It's just that the setting can make you wonder - in George's backyard, and immediately after getting swept by the Red Sox.

mlb1996 said...

It was likely Torre than anyone else. He asked about Hughes last summer and Cash said no at the time.