Saturday, April 21, 2007

A comical game with another dramatic ending

Both teams looked like they could use some time watching Tom Emanski videos, especially the one on defensive fundamentals. Hitters got too greedy and ran themselves into outs. Even P.J. Pilittere, the Thunder's intelligent catcher, gave up a sure out at first when he tried and failed to go for the lead runner on a sacrifice bunt.

But the ending was a dramatic one for those who remained in the crowd and a happy one for Cody Ehlers, who finally ended things with a two-out, bases loaded single in the bottom of the 12th. He had been batting .179 entering the game and was 0-for-4 at the plate when he came up in the 12th.

Of course, he did this (and the Thunder scored 7 runs) after I wrote my notebook on how the offense had been struggling. Such are the joys of this business - deadlines are deadlines, no matter how many twists the plot takes.

BTW, this makes the Thunder 4-for-4 in extra-inning games, with all four going at least 12 innings.


ballzaplenty said...

It's not all about you. The notebook can be used to analyze what the team was doing and used to evaluate improved statistics. Why don't you take some time and break down how many times Chase takes a piss and whether or not the dog pees standing up or sitting down. NOw that would be interesting reading.

Michael said...

Hey Josh:

I read the line on Whelan. How did he look? He seems like a very good bullpen prospect on paper.

Josh said...


Whelan does have very good stuff, though his control was off in his first two innings of work last night. Remember that he hasn't been a pitcher for all that long (only since sophomore year of college, so only about four years), so he has the potential to get a lot better.

His final inning of work last night was very good.