Monday, April 9, 2007

4/9 Pre-Game

Roger Bernadina CF
Wade Robinson 3B
Frank Diaz RF
Robin Jennings 1B
Devin Ivany C
Josh Whitesell DH
Christian Guerrero LF
Dan Dement 2B
Seth Bynum SS

Beltran Perez P

Brett Gardner CF
Ramiro Pena SS
Justin Christian LF
Cody Ehlers 1B
P.J. Pilittere C
Shawn Garrett DH
Carlos Mendoza 3B
Matt Carson RF
Gabe Lopez 2B

Brett Smith P

Pre-game Notes
* As of now, the Thunder have not lost anyone to Scranton to take Kevin Thompson's place. The Yankees may not want to disrupt rosters this early in the season. And it's not like any of the Thunder outfielders are sure-fire candidates for promotion - Garrett and Carson have done nothing, and the team has played only three games.

* Carlos Mendoza is starting at third, allowing Gabe Lopez to once again get the start at second.

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